Dream Swinger

An iconic wave swinger style ride that gives your 360 views and the ultimate thrills!


Fiesta Balloon

An interactive hot air balloon race for the whole family. Spin to the skies!


Breathtaking flashes of colour, with a lightning fast action! A whirlwind of excitement and laughs.


Runaway Train

The Runaway Train is sure to be a hit. With deep slopes, twists and turns, kids are left smiling for hours.

Taxi Jets

Broom broom! Swing around in style in bright little cars. Don’t forget to hold on!


Cups and Saucers

6 cute and colourful cups spin around providing gravitational twirls to junior thrill seekers.

Lost Temple

A large inflatable activity pad with bish-a-bash buddies and a rope climb slide.


Silent Disco!

Dance the day away at our silent disco! Listen to your favourite tunes through your own headphones and select what channel makes you want to groove.

Farmyard Water Blaster Arena

Enter the arena and get spraying! With a viewing platform for parents and plenty of surprises, this is the perfect game for cooling down.

String Art

Giant String Art Mural

Lead by local artist Steve Buckles, this giant mural will have you immersed in a web of fun and creativity.

Sideshow Games

A selection of your favourite sideshow games. Laughing Clowns, Rabbit Shooting Gallery, Fishing Pool and Lucky Numbers all in a real sideshow alley!


Toddler Zone

A toddler zone for tiny tots to tumble and play in. Provided by specialists in kids soft play and party hire in Perth, Tumble Tots Party Hire.

Parent Oasis

Everyone deserves to be treated at Kids Summer Fest, even the really old kids! Relax and take 5 in our parent oasis.

parent oasis